L100 / 101 / 102 / 112
Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers

WaterSaver atmospheric vacuum breakers were redesigned in 2004. Vacuum breakers manufactured prior to 2004 utilize a float cup with a cone-shaped bottom. Vacuum breakers manufactured after 2004 utilize a float cup with a cylinder-shaped flat bottom (shown below). The new float cup incorporates a small sealed air pocket that gives the float cup increased buoyancy and reduces spillage at low flow.

Internal components for the new style construction can be used in faucets manufactured prior to 2004. However, in such older faucets, the new components might reduce the water flow through the vacuum breaker. If this occurs, it might be necessary to install the old style components in the vacuum breaker (order "RK100R-OS"). Please consult with the WaterSaver factory for further assistance.